Over 10,000 souls in 37 states and 350 cities  have attended the live Long Healing Prayer Musical Devotional Experience. This  SPIRITUAL AWAKENING EXPERIENCE is a must attend experience.  Words are ill equipped to describe the experience.  The experiences of those who have attended provide a glimpse of what you can expect.

“This is the most amazing devotion I have ever attended. It was just beautiful. I’d love to attend more of these. Thank you so much for doing them.”


…what  a  powerful and most enlightening experience this was.  Thank you ! I think this will be just the beginning for me.  What a magnificent soul you are.  I will be learning tonight changed.  

K. Washburn Port angels WA

Allen, Thank you for sharing this treasure with us. You’ve inspired us all.  We will all carry this beautiful moment with us, for the rest of our lives. Thank you.  

H. Brown

“I am just learning to dance without rules-this is my first experience of singing without rules(with emphasis on first). Thank you for sharing a way to healing.”


What a wonderful, spiritual moving evening.  I loved the music.  Thank you very much. My soul is rejuvenated. Thank you for the healing  

G. Hill. Belgrade Maine


The melodies opened my mind , my heart, and my spirit to new ideas and more love.  Please share such a gift with EVERYONE!!! I look forward to the next time… 

J. Mohtahami

“You reached the depths of my soul with your music. Keep proclaiming in this way. Thanks so much for sharing”.

Mr and Mrs. Cinder

Allen thank you so much for sharing that wonderful prayer. We were all carried away by the spirit. We so much look forward to having you return.   

Sue K. Santa Fea New Mexico

The second time was so wonderful and moving as the first.  I loved the experience. 


“What a wonderful, spiritually moving evening. I loved the music. Thank you very much. My soul is rejuvenated (well, my heart, which is very good at this point in my life.) Thank you for the healing!”

G.W. Hill

Whenever I can take something new away with me from a meeting of a new soul, I feel blessed. You connected me to my soul with your devotional.  I will also take away your thought about  “music as a ladder to the soul”  

G. Roberts Bayonne NJ

Dear Allen, You have such a gift with sharing in a very powerful way the power of prayer, to show people the feeling and emotion beyond the words.  Thank you for letting me share this very wonderful and powerful experience.  Thank you again. 

Jo-Anne L.

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