What a magnificent musical arrangement! It is melodious, meditative, calming, and unquestionably dignified.


Your presentation was wonderful and inspiring, a unique experience that will remain in our hearts for a long time to come.  With love and admiration.  

K. Asplund.

Whenever I can take something new away with me from a meeting of a new soul, I feel blessed. You connected me to my soul with your devotional. I will also take away your thought about “music as a ladder to the soul”

G. Roberts

Several Years ago I had this idea of setting the healing prayer to music in such a way that anyone could sing and join in.   Four renditions of the prayer for healing the Long Healing Prayer were created on the piano.  I can remember doing this version live with a choir.  It was a great experience but you needed to be a professional singer to join in which is not the end result is was looking for.

I traveled to Tennessee with my clothes and guitar.  One evening I had sat down on my bed in the  hotel and picked up the guitar.  This melody began flowing through my hands to the guitar as if someone else or something else was moving my fingers.  At that moment I knew this was a version that would work and it was that same moment where this healing prayer version was born.

There are so many more people that were instrumental in the end result of this version including the  350 city tour that lasted 19 months. Each is  a story in it own right. Additional videos will tell those stories at a future time.

I am eternally grateful to Simin Soroushazari for allowing me to use her work as the main image for this work. Please visit http://gallerysimin.com/  to see and purchase prints of her AMAZING work as well her book Gentle Stillness of Being Perception & Memories of Vietnam